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BIAFRA: Reasons For Biafra Restoration, IPOB’s Next Step – Dr. Victor Emeka Okeado


Millions of IPOB Members In A Peaceful Rally July 28 2017 At Isiama-Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria – The Hometown Of Their Leader Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra Republic came into existence through the activation of the
fundamental Human Right of self-determination. It was successfully activated
notwithstanding the international complot spearheaded by Britain, which
the Nigerian Government served as a stooge.

Behind this, they committed a tremendous atrocity that history will recall.
For this reason, Britain remains a shame to Biafra. With due respect to Suzane Cronje 
and Auberon who were very active British defenders of Biafra, as of 1967 they
presented their country to consider Biafra as a shame to their it

For that not being an offense to them this time around to our generation
Britain is a shame to Biafra.

One may ask why is this restoration 50 years after?

Biafrans or republic of Biafra has been known worldwide because of its
thirst, desire and its lifestyle for liberty. And the young generation feels
that we merit Justice.

We’re seeking justice through this restoration. That will also confirm the
peaceful nature of our people. That’s why we need this restoration 50yrs after.

Though we have other reasons for that or other causes. We have to know that
a terrible genocide was meted against our people and that was complot to
silence it.

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Those who carried out this tremendous and tragic act of inhumanity have not
been called into question; have not shown any act of repentance. And we feel
that they must be called to justice.

Biafra cancellation from the world

Another important point is that of being canceled from the map of the world.
Then there’s a question that we’re putting forward:

Who has right to cancel the presence if the people in the map of the world?

Is it a brutal dictator like Buhari, a genocidist like Gowon? Is it a miadora
like Obasanjo? Every Biafran must ask this question.

These people complotted and conspired against us, because it’s evident that
up to 1987, the world Geographical Society were still representing Biafra in
the world map. There’s a concrete evidence of the presence of Biafra in the
world map up till 1987.

But little by little the Nigerian Government did all it could through their
act of corruption and all; bite of Biafra and everything were all cancelled.
And you see all the actions of Hausa in referring to everything Biafra as Igbo.
There is a deliberate and a stratagem to continue their act of inhumanity.

We have to know that in the year 1849 Britain formally established a diplomatic
relationship with the Kingdom of Biafra. Their first Biafran diplomat was John
Bancroft. He was nominated by the then British Minister of External Affairs.

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There are concrete evidence that at least 50yrs before the colonial
atrocities started, Biafra and Britain had a diplomatic relationship that
lasted for about 50yrs, after which the European Union conspired against the
African Continent. Maybe having understood that they can tread on them as they
like. Then best take is their famous Berlin Conference under which they started
to consider us as an objects and not subjects.

It’s well noted in the annals of history that the WORD Nigeria came into history on the 8th of January 1897. Buhari
can refer to Biafra as he likes, whether he calls it Igbo, Ogoni, Ijaw Obibio etc. he’s just calling a clan in Biafra
land and Biafra is older than Nigeria.

Biafra has a millennial history whereas Nigeria only came into existence few
years ago. It’s clear that our territory is under occupation. For that reason,
they feel they can partition, divide us and cancel us from any map from

Balkanization of our land and plundering of our resources
Our abundant natural resources are being shared among the Hausa Fulani. Our
cultivable or fertile land, waters and coastal areas that are the coastal bag
of the Atlantic Ocean are in continual devastation.

We’re being dehumanized with certain economic and developmental policies of
Nigeria, both that of aviation, maritime, infrastructure and even monetary
policies. They’ve gone to the extent of associating Biafra with the word TERRORISM, which is very strange in the
Biafra lifestyle. Biafra respect life. Biafra always condemns terrorism. To
Biafrans terrorism is evil no matter its form. We’re aware that Nigeria with
her cohorts, they’ve been operating different kinds this terrorism with their
altruist to human life and disrespect to death.

As we’ve known our Director use to make reference of our respect to life,
can be exemplified from the terminology – Mma Ndu, which means a PERSON – the meaning of attributing
beauty to life. Meaning life is beautiful and need to be protected. And for
this respect, death has to be given its own respect whether deserved or

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We’re all aware of all the economic and developmental impoverishment they’re
leveling on our people. Not to talk about the environmental destruction and act
of terrorism of different kind that is being levied against our people.

These are other cause why it’s obvious and why it’s the last resort for our
existence that we must have to restore our Republic, Biafra.

So we continue to lay our homage and our gratification to our young
generation to our heroes past and present. Though task has not been completed,
the week we are in is a crucial one. But you should bear in mind that you’re
the protagonist in this important world event that is in outlook. So we don’t
have to mince words. We don’t have to be distracted. We must be focused in this
few days.

 The prophecies of our good Samaritans, who in the late 1960s,
precisely around Dec. 1968, when situation in Biafra land was so critical,
knowing there was a deliberate intention by Nigeria, Britain and Soviet Union
to eliminate us from this planet earth, they had no alternative than to
organize for our evacuation. In the modern history Biafran children were the
first to be evacuated in the world history. In the famous war of Hitler there
was no evacuation. We were evacuated to different parts of the world, mostly in

The impact of the present generation of Biafran Youths led by Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu – Leader IPOB

Our leader Nnamdi KANU who is a symbol of this Youthful odyssey has made us
proud. He’s demonstrated that these prophecies or this mantle handed over to
the Biafran Youths that they’re equal to the task. And history will never
forget that.

Though it may be too early to reveal this secret, eye witness account of
what transpired, are very happy of you people. They’re all waking up, carefully
and silently watching what is unfolding.

You’ve proved to be particular and capable of showing light to the African
Continent once again. Your thirst for liberty, justice and peace is
overwhelming. You’ve once again lake yourself to Finlandia, from where you took
the tune of our National Anthem. Just like the Finlandia Philharmonic tune, we’re
marching forward to challenge an unimaginable task, and by God’s grace we shall

As the platform under which these tasks are being carried tend to be the
same. Why were genocide meted on our people, and why is it even to the present
time the Nigerian govt are brutally killing our people?

This is one of the platforms that led to the triggering of our right to self-determination,
and to our present generation it still prevails.

Biafra is undefeatable

IPOB Peaceful Rally

Another point might be when Wole Soyinka referred to Biafra as being
undefeatable. He’s correct because he knew that Biafra was fighting for justice
and truth. No matter how you cover the truth it must come to light. So from
this point of view, Biafra will be undefeatable and the week has set for us to
prove that. So I recall once that this week is very vital to all of us; to our
present life, our future generation and past generation.

Some of our evidences and IPOB’s next level after 18 Nov. 2017

Starving Biafran Children During The 1967-1970 Civil War

We’ve evidence all kind of brutality of nations, all the non-humanitarian
help and mediation carried by the UN Secretary General of that time from 1961 –
1967, Mahathressy Tugan who was the third Secretary General then. We’re
prudently and confidently watching on the present UN Secretary General
because we have scores to settle with the United Nations. In many intellectual circles,
they’ve not been positively spoken about for their role in the Biafran tragedy.


So we’re prudently and confidently looking at the present UN Secretary
General. It’s important to start recalling this because after 18 November,
2017, the IPOB’s stance, procedures and approach will automatically move to a
next level.

We’ve traced evidence of many of the UN diplomats, who voluntarily
resigned their position because the treatments meted on Biafrans. Hubert
Humphrey was one of them, and many others whom we have their motivations and
reasons why they decided to leave the United Nations because of the brutal
attitude of the then Secretary General United Nations.

We’ve traced the history of Prince Saadwooden Arga of
Karakurt, who was then the UN Representative of United Nations High Commission for
Refugees. His attitudes to Biafran Refugees were nothing to be reckoned with.

We’re aware of the action taken by the UN to add a new protocol in the 1977
Convention of Geneva, where they included Fermi as a Clause to be attributed to
act of genocide, after they must have seen what they silently caused in Biafra.
All these records are intact. And when most of the time we’re asking for justice,
were not engaging in any abstract discussion but something very genuine and

The international diplomatic complot was against Biafra was clearly orchestrated
by Britain. The OAU Bulldog was
there with all the Dictators, with the exceptions of few African Statesmen,
like the President of Tanzania, Ivory
Coast, Gabon and Zambia
, who are still renowned for their Democratic role
in African continent.

The Egyptian President Nassir coordinated all the Moslem
Brotherhood assistance to Nigeria. The Yugoslavia Dictator, Tito carried his campaign against
Biafra within the umbrella of Non-allied

We’re trying to make all these re-visitations because the tone has come for
that. We’re putting all these to the eve of the great day.

IPOB is on the trend and is working seriously day and night for necessary
updates. So, to all our citizens in Biafra land and particularly in Anambra
that was one of the products of Nigeria divide and rule. We must have to heed
to this generational call. We have to know that all the equipment, technical
and otherwise that we have been talking about is in our hands. Because it’s
almost time to trigger and open the gate to our promised Land.

We have to know that they evil-man trial carried by Ohaneze Ndigbo. Before
the Nigerian court had already established its own tribunal where it passed its
own sentence which I could compare to the trial the Prof. Ali Ani carried
against Christopher Okigbo.

Prof. Ali was condemning Christopher Okigbo for the fact the he abandoned
all his intellectual potentialities in its scale or value. Christopher Okigbo
preferred his love for the defense of his people to his potential intellectual
ability. To Prof. Ali, he deemed that to be condemnable.

Though Chinue Achebe had time to reply him on this. As we can see in our
present day, Ohaneze Ndigbo had cowardly and stupidly made its trial. It’s the
consequence of their trial that led to us not knowing the whereabouts of our
leader (Nnamdi Kanu), which at the appropriate time; they must also be
answerable with the Nigerian govt on this.

But the Ohaneze Ndigbo of Nia Nwodo, you’re deviating. Akanu Ibiam was the
Founder and First President of Ohaneze Ndigbo. But Nia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo
is a big disgrace to Biafrans. History will reckon you for that.

Our present focus and the pace Biafra has set for self-determination

Anambra State

Time is important and different. The point if that Anambra election must be
boycotted. Biafrans we must be vigilant. Our leader has trained us and we must achieve
our goal. Come 18th Nov. and after 18 Nov. IPOB agenda will be very very rich.
It has already started to manifest, in no way that we shall disappoint on this
generational task.

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We must remember that 1st Oct. 2017 quit notice by the AREWA Youths and fathers has gone and been implemented. What is now
left for us to articulate the procedural steps is to boycott the Anambra
election on 18 Nov. 2017. As our leader Nnamdi KANU usually affirm
“boycott of election is not disruption of election, date for referendum is
not date for declaration of war”. We’ve been gifted to impact this
knowledge to humanity by triggering our right to self-determination. We’re born
that way.

We’re not also afraid to engage on a re-confirmative referendum, which has
universally been considered as a popular choice of any democracy. It’s always
been referred to as a barreled democracy, whether it’s for abrogative,
consultative or constitutional motive.

There’s no going back on this process. The command has been given by our
Director (Nnamdi  Kanu) and that must to
be achieved. There’s been a random bombarism and analogy to Biafra in the
experience of self-determination. But what is actual fact is that in the first
model States Biafra is recorded in the annals of history as one of the members
of the world state, besides what transpired in its first Republican experience.

What I’m trying to say is with the recent referendum that took place in the
Kurd and Catalonia, random comparisons are pouring from different angles and
many are of a pessimistic nature. But the fact remains that in terms of self-determination
lessons need to be learnt from Biafra.

In the history of modern world States, Biafra was the first to engage with
the act of self-determination. It successfully carried it, paid huge price for
that and subsequently trace the path to many Nations. As we can remember that
immediately after Biafra’s self-determination, apt the next Nation that
followed was Bangladesh.  On 26 March 1971 Bangladesh declared her
independence from Pakistan with the name Bangladesh. As at then it was known as
eastern Bengala. But it’s clear and well recorded that they took that
example/courage from Biafrans determination.

Within the African circle Eretrea followed suit after many years. As of the
time Biafra engaged in her self-determination, the operation of Emperor Heracelestin
could not even permit Eretrea to say a word, besides all their protests and
struggle for independence. We could also say that it was Biafra that gave them
such courage.

What I’m trying to say is that Biafra has interest to follow experiences of
subsequent acts of self-determination. But in terms of lessons, a lot has been
learnt from Biafra. So we raise our head and shoulders up high because with
accumulated experience on the issue fundamental human rights and as we can see
it, while others – Catalonia, Kurds they’re engaging in exceeding of self-determination,
what we’re exercising is re-confirmative action.

The act of self-determination we have already triggered it. But for justice
and for peace to prevail, because as it has often been said “there’s no
peace without justice”. And being Republican in nature we have no fear to
engage in a re-confirmative referendum fir our beloved Nation, Biafra.

I’m making references because this week is particular. It’s important that
for all that’s been said it means that a step is already in our promised land
for its restoration.

On the 18 of Nov. 2017 we must have to do the needful. We’re ready to
challenge Nigerian injustice in all legitimate means. Our news in Anambra, in
particular, Onitsha, has proven that within these few past days that nothing
can stop us despite all the Nigerian anachronisms and falsities as Wole Soyinka
said ” Biafra is undefeatable “, because what Biafra is all about is
truth and Justice, and this has bought to the young generation through our
amiable leader Nnamdi KANU.

Truth is Biafra’s propaganda and all who sacrificed for Biafra won’t be forgotten.

As men of goodwill were often educating Enahoro in the 60s, in reference to
mechanisms of propaganda, what is clear is that the truth about Biafra speaks
louder than any propaganda.

Biafra is not spreading any propaganda. The Biafran propaganda is the truth
and this truth shall prevail. Wole Soyinka has been saying this from the onset
that Biafrans are defenders of truth and are undefeatable.

All the righteous amongst all people in the world who sacrificed, who never
minced words, who gave their lives, we’re assuring them that Biafra must not
forget them. Wherever you’re in any angle of the world, we’re seriously tracing
what you did for humanity and not only Biafrans. But we shall have time for

The little that’s being said now for our people to get ready for an
important day, being Sat. (Eke in Igbo), 18 Nov. 2017. It’s very important.
What we have to know is that our case with others who are determined to get
their freedom through self-determination is relative, but our experience is
more than theirs and I think they’re getting lessons from us and we may not
explode that we don’t have also references to make about them.

So Biafrans as we can see today, the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe,
who has been in power for 37 years, permit me to make a comment about him; I
had an occasion to speak to the Ambassadors from the South and Eastern Regions
of Africa in one of their Plenaries.

When our Leader (Nnamdi Kanu) adopts allegoric statements against African
Leaders, he shouldn’t be blame because he’s speaking from experience. He’s a
learned man who has seen, studied and researched on many African leaders.

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Robert Mugabe was an anti-colonialist. He was a freedom fighter who was in
the front line to oust Ian Smith
a minority white Colonial government in Zimbabwe. But from my own humble
opinion, has shown a poor example. I said this, however, to the Ambassadors many
years ago. He has contradicted the legacy he would have left as a
nationalist. But unfortunately, that’s what our Leader (Nnamdi Kanu) usually
say, “Africans put up disgraceful behaviors that most times we start to be
biased about our existence”.

The week is set for us and the Biafran agenda is Pan African in perspective.
The Ahiara declaration manifested it. It’s depicted in the color of our flag.
So we won’t be silent when events if these magnitudes like what is going in
Zimbabwe today emerges.

In conclusion
Our destiny is in our hands and I’m proud of this present generation of
Biafrans. I’m very confident of them. They will bring us and lead us to that Promised
Land with a Charming Leader, the eloquent, the unforeseeable, the unimaginable
Leader, Nnamdi Kanu, we shall be there.

So to all Biafrans, be prudent, be active, we’re almost there, it’s all a
question of hours this time. As our Radio would say in the 60s, we have to know
that we’ve been surrounded by the terrorists and the occupiers of our land.
We’ve to be very vigilant and very very awake.

To you all once more and all people of good will, I extend my sincere wishes
to those who are good listeners of Radio Biafra.

All Hail Biafra!

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