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Libya: “No Brother In The Jungle” By Reuben Abati

Reuben Abati

Arab countries have a tradition of slavery dating back to centuries. This has persisted despite the existence of international conventions and legal frameworks classifying slavery as a crime against humanity.

The current situation in Libya, involving slavery and human trafficking, has been brought to global attention because we now live in the age of communication where nothing good or bad can be hidden forever.

But the situation is far worse than has been depicted.

The Nigerians who have been brought back from Libya have told heart-rending stories of woe and misery:  how they were sold into slavery by the Arabs and by their own Nigerian brothers and sisters, how they were subjected to all forms of indignity including rape, extortion, and torture, and how living in Libya is now the equivalent of a trip to hell.

Quite a number of issues deserve closer interrogation to enable us to appreciate the depth of this crisis.


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