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Your time to marry, you may loose it if you don’t use it – Maxwell Nnawuihe

Some ladies were designed to marry early. Suitors comes to them as early as 18, 19 or 20 - 23

Maxwell Nnawuihe

Time is such incredible asset and resource God has given to mankind. Everything happens with and are affected by time, including marriage. I have realized that nobody can control time. You only use it or loose it, because it doesn’t stay, wait or understand your plans.

I have discovered that, Life does not begin and end with education or career. But life begins and ends with time. You need to understand your time for marriage.

University can wait, jobs can wait, but time doesn’t wait. Some universities have lasted for more than 60 years and can still wait till next 30 years for people to come and study in them. More jobs and business opportunities are being created every year, but your time can never wait for you. You will loose your time for marriage if you don’t use it.

My experience: Those who say “you are too small to marry will later say “you are too old to be single” if you listen to them and miss your time to marry.

Even if they’re your parents, they will forget they told you to finish your education first before marriage. Time will come when they won’t tolerate you as their unmarried daughter and they will never accept they caused it. Don’t wait for that time.

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Your time is not someone else’s time. Do not let them carve and shelve you into their own time. They are also limited, affected and placed under time just as you are. Let them deal with their own time while you use your own time for marriage.

In this part of the world, most ladies blame their “evil uncles, wicked neighbours, satanic altars” etc. for their delay in marriage. But they never blame themselves for deliberately or ignorantly misusing and abusing their time to marry.

Now you are 17, 18, 20 or 23, there will be no “evil uncle or Satanic altars” stopping genuine men from coming to ask your hand in marriage, but after missing your time, you’d blame it on none existing uncle and other factors. If you know your time to marry and use it, there will be no evil uncle or satanic altars to stop you tomorrow because you’d have married already.

I discovered some beautiful ladies with nice shape believe so much that with their beauty and shape they can marry anytime they want. That is a blatant lie and self-deception. Truth is, you won’t know when your beauty and shape begins to fade, just like you won’t know exactly when you have outgrown your clothes or shoes, until you decide to wear them someday only to realise you have outgrown them.

Beautiful ladies with nice shape have once or twice, seen other ladies more beautiful with gorgeous shape than they. So, no lady is the most beautiful all the time. In fact, we know how beautiful you are after you get married. Use your time and whatever advantage you have with your beauty and shape, don’t loose your time to marry.

Some ladies were designed to marry early. Some of them witness early developments and maturity in their bodies. Suitors comes to them as early as 18, 19 or 20 – 23. If they do not know or use their time to marry they shall loose it.

If their parents or guardians have done a good job in their upbringing as regards self awareness, relationship, marriage, sex education, responsibilities, basic education – at least college, etc. these young ladies would be more knowledgeable to make early and right marriage decisions.

If they make informed decision and say yes to the right man at the right age, they set the stage for securing a better future for themselves in terms of good marriage, plus higher education (they can further their education if they have a good understanding with the man they married), plus the pursuit of their purpose, plus early establishments etc.

LIGHT was the first creation in Genesis 1:3, TIME was second and was created in Genesis 1:5. All other creation were created from verse 6 to 28, after time was created in verse 5, meaning we are placed under time, affected by time, grow with time, marry with time, have babies with time.

If you have your babies on time you’d have extra 15 or 20 years to enjoy a good shape, good health before your old age. Not only that, you’d have enough time to train your children and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Training children at old age is more stressful than at your younger age. At young age you have more prospects and opportunities but not in old age because there is time for everything.

It is only spirits and invisible beings that time does not affect because they have been in existence before time was created. Time affects every human being on earth. The time you spent building career and romantic relationship would be a huge waste if you loose your time for marriage and end up in a bad marriage due to your desperation, rising from wasted times.

Don’t loose your time to marry in the pursuit of University degrees. It is 90% possible that a good marriage can give you a good education. A good education may not give you a good marriage; education doesn’t run marriage because marriage is an institution itself.

There are ladies with University degrees, Masters, etc. but are divorced. Some are moving from one relationship to another with their degrees. But there are ladies without University degrees enjoying their marriage. Degree doesn’t guarantee a good relationship or marriage. I know ladies who went to school after they got married and have their degrees now.

Know Your Time For Marriage. Some ladies chase after good job, after which they start searching and praying for a good husband to have a good marriage and it becomes so difficult for them to marry because they missed it at their early age. Some ladies are now 29 or 35 years old which is called danger-list. They have now become too desperate and doing everything possible to marry, but men are too scared of marrying them.

Some of them their bodies are out of shape due to years of active premarital sexual activities even in school, abortions and other related sexual perversions. Only one or twice pregnancies, their husband would be left with nothing to touch, caress, no attraction or anything to be proud of with their body.

Some will find it too difficult to submit to their husband more especially if the man has no University degree, has lesser education, or has no well-paid job. This culminate in the fear of many men.

It is unfortunate that many young ladies today have missed their time to marry because they were so active in romantic and sexual relationships between their age of 15 and 24, indulging in everything that married people do, which mostly ended up in heartbreak, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, diseases, or deformation of different sorts. They refused to honorably marry early to the right person to secure a better future for themselves.

The same people that tells you at your young age “oh, you’re too small to marry now, oh, finish school first” will be the ones asking you “ah! You never still marry? Ah! It seems you have bad character otherwise, with your education/job you should have married by now!”

You see my point? But if you got married to the right man at you young age and subsequently got a good education as a result, same people would be using you as a good example. They will ask their own children or sisters, “hey! Don’t you see Jessica? Don’t you see Chidimma? Can’t you be like Precious? Why are you still here in my house?”

Always remember that same people that says you are too young to marry now will tell you someday that you are too old to be single, if you miss your time. Don’t waste or miss your time. Invest your time by securing a good marriage.

Ladies should be sensitive and knowledgeable to know when their time have come for marriage. If you secure a good marriage you have secured a better future!


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