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Video: ‘Enough is enough’, Aisha Buhari storms Aso Rock, fumes with anger inside Villa

Aisha Buhari - Nigeria's First Lady

The viral video of Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari, being humiliated at the Aso Rock Villa, has again given certain legitimacy to many claims from different sources, that all is not really well with her as Nigeria’s First Lady.

Aisha who made what appears to be a surprise return to Nigeria in the early hours of Friday, October 10, 2019 only to find her quarters locked up. Her return to Nigeria was amidst rumours that her husband, President Buhari was getting married to a second wife on Friday, 11 of October.

The first lady is protesting being locked out of her personal quarters at the Presidential Villa in this video.

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“What did I do to you people,” Mrs. Buhari, whose face is not shown, is heard saying in the video

“Nobody told us you are coming back Gogo,” a lady tries to appease Mrs. Buhari. “Nobody told us you are coming back.”

Gogo is the first lady’s term of endearment used by her staff and close friends.

She continues to ask questions. “Is that why they should lock my room?

“Tell me this is the Villa, we have over 200 soldiers guarding us, 200 policemen guarding us, why do they have to lock this door?”

“What for? What for? Enough is enough! Enough is enough!”

“Tell me when you are ready to leave this place,” she said as the video ends.


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