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Tracking Times is dedicated to News, Adverts, Inspiration, Politics, Relationship, Religion, Sports, Entertainment etc.

NEWS puts us in the know of the events  happening in our immediate environment and beyond. It’s a major source of information. ADVERT is very important to every business, professional people or organization, who need their goods or services to get the desired attention and patronage. INSPIRATION keeps our creative abilities alive. It is a major factor towards achieving our vision and purpose.

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POLITICS is the center of discussion in every nation, state or local environments. You cannot talk of governance without politics and the politics-pattern of a nation/state determine its economic condition, well-being and over all development. We’re all stakeholders in the affairs of our governance and we have a duty to make quality decisions and contributions to make it better.

RELATIONSHIP is the core factor of human existence. It plays a fundamental role in modeling our personality, shaping our views, rearranging or entrenching our mindset and approach to life-issues. Wherever humans exist relationship exists, too—healthy or unhealthy. We determine what kind of relationship exists between us and our families, spouses, siblings, neighbors, friends, colleagues, leaders, environment etc.

RELIGION is a belief in or the acceptance of a supernatural/powerful/controlling being that some people believe is their God/god/master/maker etc. this decides who they worship. Different people hold different belief with regards to their source of existence and so, do worship. We came from somewhere and are going to somewhere after our last breath is drawn. Therefore the pertinent question in that regard is, “from where and to where”? “Our essence of being can be drawn or captured from our source of existence”.

SPORT/ENTERTAINMENT brings our talents to the lime light for our benefits and blessing humanity. It helps in uniting people,  cheering with one another and forgetting some pains around us.

Thanks for reading through.